Anger Treatment & Anger Management Therapy in Oakland, CA

Anger is a normal and often healthy response to negative events. But when uncontrollable anger begins to negatively impact your relationships, job or quality of life, it may be time to get professional help.  

Persistent feelings of intense anger can have far-reaching consequences, including acts of aggression or violence, the destruction of important relationships, and an increased risk of health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

As a licensed psychotherapist in Oakland, CA , Julia Barokov, LMFT provides anger management treatment for individuals battling persistent and unmanageable feelings of anger and rage. Utilizing a variety of techniques, she teaches patients to control their anger for better relationships and happier, more productive lives.

Get the Help You Need

If you or someone you care about can benefit from anger treatment, reach out to Julia Barokov, LMFT to learn more.  Call today to make an appointment.