EMDR Success Story - Client Interview #1

This client is a 30-something woman who struggled with childhood trauma, social anxiety and depression for many years.  Over the course of treatment she was able to learn valuable self care skills, improve self esteem and find suitable employment that matched her strengths and interests.

Therapist:  In what ways have you benefited from EMDR therapy? 

Client:  Doing EMDR therapy has completely changed my life, it's allowing me to become the person I really am and have always wanted to be. I've suffered from depression my whole life and that has always led me to get into a negative thinking spiral anytime anything went wrong. After EMDR therapy I am able to practice new patterns of thinking so that instead of a negative spiral my thoughts spiral positively so that I find options and solutions. EMDR therapy has allowed me to feel hopeful instead of hopeless. I am so much more confident in new situations, with new people and doing new things. Things still scare and overwhelm me at times but I know that's natural and I don't let it stop me anymore. Because of EMDR therapy I am becoming so secure in myself, my actions and my decisions that what's going on around me isn't as important. I no longer feel the need to beat myself up over choices I've made or things that go wrong. I'm able to accept a situation, learn and grow. Most importantly EMDR therapy helped me learn that being happy isn't a facade or a delusion, it's a possibility.

Therapist:  How does EMDR therapy compare to regular talk therapy? 

Client:  EMDR therapy just seems so much more proactive. It makes me feel like I'm really involved in my healing. I think the biggest difference is that you can really access the root of your issues and accept what your challenges are. Realizations that seem so obvious and simple can change you at your core as opposed to your mind just glazing over them like they were something you already knew. In talk therapy I can have the same realization and it just doesn't have the same power. The connections made during EMDR therapy are much stronger than in talk therapy.

Therapist:  Would you recommend EMDR to others?

Client:  Yes, I would definitely recommend EMDR therapy. Everyday I see people struggling with various issues and all I can think is I wish I could get you to try EMDR, it could change your life like it did mine.

Therapist:  Do you have anything else you want to add about working specifically with Julia Barokov?

Client:  Working with Julia has been incredible for me. She provides a safe comfortable space that is absolutely necessary for the work she does. Julia is an amazing facilitator for growth, using just the right amount of push and reassurance she is able to support you through whatever issues you may be working through. I feel like I've been able to grow and  work through so many more issues in the short time I've worked with Julia than in almost a lifetime of work with other therapists. 

Posted on January 3, 2017 .