Grief Counseling in Oakland, CA

The loss of a loved one, a marriage, or even a job can be emotionally devastating. Grief is a natural response to loss, but when feelings of grief become overwhelming or begin to seriously interfere with your daily life, it can be beneficial to seek help from a professional counselor. As an experienced psychotherapist, Julia Barokov, LMFT is well-qualified to provide you with the tools you need to resolve grief successfully and move forward with your life.  With the right support you can get through it, not over it!

Helping You Cope

Getting help from a skilled, well-trained counselor is the first step toward facing your feelings of grief. Professional grief counseling can help you navigate the confusing emotions associated with loss of any kind.  With the right support, you can mend your heart and lay the emotional foundation for a healthy, bright future.  

If you’re struggling with feelings of grief after a loss, don’t suffer in silence. 

Call Julia Barokov, LMFT today to make an appointment for grief counseling.