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In all honesty therapy saved my life.  When I was a teenager my mother died.  As devastating as that was, that singular event both transformed and inspired my life towards a path of healing.  Like the phoenix that rises from its ashes, I know first-hand the power of the human spirit to overcome utmost adversity.  Because caring people, both within the health profession and otherwise helped me during a time of great need, I was able to heal and thrive.  This journey created the story of my life and now I am able to give back.  From my heart to yours, that is why I do this work.

This is also why I am particularly drawn towards working with teens as well as with adults facing grief and loss of any kind.  Indeed, grief and loss is the hallmark experience that unites us all in this human life, yet it leads us to appreciate the time we have together more fully.

Moreover, I deeply believe that true health is an integration of body, mind and spirit.  In support of this, I earned a Masters Degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology from JFK University and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in private practice.  Since then, I have spent over 10 years primarily working with children, teens and families, as well as adults in crisis, many of whom faced more than their share of grief and loss.  Valuing creativity, I attained a certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy; an excellent toolset which allows greater self-expression beyond talk therapy.  More recently I was trained in EMDR, a highly effective treatment method for addressing trauma, anxiety and depression.  Finally, I am committed to the path of mindfulness, which evolves from of Buddhist psychology and am passionate about teaching clients how to make use of these practical ways to find peace and balance.

Life is a constant process of change and with this comes our suffering.  Yet suffering contains within itself the path to the way out.  If we look deeply into it, understand it fully with compassion, our suffering will open and become a way to freedom.  By working through our suffering we can receive a gift; we can be transformed and empowered by it.  We begin to write a new script for our lives with a greater sense of self and purpose.

If you feel drawn towards working with me, contact me for a free consultation.  It would be an honor to meet you.  May you find your true healing and your joy.


Highest Regards,

Julia Barokov

Julia Barokov, LMFT

Julia Barokov, LMFT


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