Julia Barokov, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


 Envision living a life of mastery, full of confidence and ease. Each challenge presents us a unique opportunity to gain awareness and attain empowerment.  Let’s embark on a transformational journey to realize your full potential!                                                                                              

Skilled Psychotherapist in Oakland, CA

If you wish to address the difficulties you're having in a welcoming, non-judgmental setting, come to the psychotherapy services of Julia Barokov, LMFT, located in Oakland, CA.

As an established psychotherapist in private practice, Julia understands that every individual is unique. Julia Barokov, LMFT offers a personalized approach designed to help you, your partner or your teen work through whatever issues are impacting your life and causing friction.

Turning Problems Into Solutions, Wounds Into Wisdom

Julia Barokov, LMFT of Oakland, CA specializes in treating adults, couples and teens.  Her areas of expertise are as follows:

      No matter what types of problems you and your loved one are facing, Julia Barokov, LMFT is here to help you resolve them, creating more peace and joy in your life.

      Don't give up! Call Julia Barokov, LMFT today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.


      What people are saying:

      “Julia has the gift of reaching through all the differences to connect with people, setting their hearts at ease. Always composed and kind!"                                             -  Rev. Baika Pratt, Volunteer Coordinator; Kaiser Oakland Hospice

      "Julia provides a non-judgemental space for personal growth and healing. She provides fresh perspectives on life's challenges; her perseverance inspires me."    - Kathren Murrell Stevenson, PhD; Shining Star Yoga, Arts & Ecology

       Together, let's master the challenges you face.

      – Julia Barokov, LMFT

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      Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

      - Mary Oliver, poet