Solid choice for EMDR

Julia really is a skilled therapist with a compassionate presence who is fully committed to helping you reach your potential. EMDR improved my life tremendously and it saved my relationship. I highly recommend her and the EMDR therapy she provides!

~ John M.,  July , 2014

Julia is excellent !!

Julia is an excellent therapist who goes the extra mile for her clients. She has seen me through some very hard times and her support and guidance made all the difference. I highly recommend her!

~ Jeffrey C., May, 2014

A game changer

I feel so fortunate that my partner and I reached out to Julia during a turning point in our relationship. We are now happily raising our beautiful son thanks to some much needed guidance and support! Julia helped us get to the heart of our conflicts in a way that made us feel hopeful and recharged. The strategies she suggested empowered us to navigate through a rough patch and develop a very solid foundation. We can look back on that time and feel proud of our invested efforts that will most certainly continue to serve us forever. Thanks Julia!

~ Jennifer M., May, 2014

A giant heart and gentle soul

Julia is one of those special individuals that is filled with kindness and compassion and who has devoted herself to bettering the lives of others. She has the ability to lend a non-judgemental ear and guide you along your path when you are having trouble seeing which way to go. You could not find a better heart and soul to confide in.

~ Traci K., May, 2014

Compassionate and practical

Julia consistently lends an empathetic ear and gives very practical advice. She is professional, yet personable. She takes a holistic approach to her therapeutic practice and is willing to explore various modalities to really hone in on what seems to resonate best with her patient's progress towards stability and happiness. She's been very helpful in guiding me through some really tough times. I would highly recommend her.

~ Stacy S., May, 2014

The best help in a time of need.

I was going through a rough time in my life and I knew that I needed to talk to someone. I came across Julia's website and felt a connection to her story and her methods. I saw Julia for several months by myself and later with my partner. I learned a lot about myself during this process and looking back now, I can see the improvements to my confidence and general outlook on life. Julia creates a very safe and calm atmosphere. She really cares and has great tips, techniques as well as book recommendations to help with whatever you are going through. I highly recommend Julia Barokov as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is patient, gracious, highly knowledgeable and nonjudgmental. The most important aspect about my whole journey with Julia, for me was that she made me feel valued and heard.

~ Natasha K., May, 2014